Sustainable Homes by South Face Homes

South Face Homes is the Home Building division of STI. South Face Homes is Central Virginia’s premier sustainable home builder. We handle planning, design and build of your new home. Call us to discuss the many options we have to achieve your goals.

Upgraded Energy Saving Features of South Face Homes:

This home will have utility bills that are less than half of a standard new construction home. The yearly energy savings for this home in most cases equates to at least one mortgage payment per year.

Exterior walls:

The 2×6 exterior walls used to construct this home provide a unique upgrade with many benefits. Most new construction homes use 2×4’s and this allows for R-15 insulation. The 2×6 walls in this home allow enough space for R21 insulation. In addition, this thicker insulation allows for a very high level of sound proofing. And 2×6 walls make for a stronger home structurally. The wider window sills allow for small potted plants and other decorative items that would not fit on a standard 2×4 wall window sill.


Upgraded “raised-heel” roof trusses are incorporated into this home. This allows for a higher level of insulation to be placed around the perimeter of the attic. The roof trusses also allow for a 24” overhang that provides better protection from wind blown rain.

Framing and Air-Sealing Upgrades:

Building an energy efficient home is more than just upgrading the level of insulation. All exterior walls of this home have been sealed with a product called zip tape. This tape is installed prior to the installation of the air barrier paper and serves to disallow the movement of outside air into the home. Prior to the installation of attic insulation, the attic is thoroughly air sealed with spray foam. Scientific research suggests that properly air-sealing a home can have even a larger effect than upgrading the insulation.

Overhangs and Cantilevered Second Floor:

It is rare to encounter new homes with a 24 inch roof overhang. Standard homes have 12” overhangs. The overhangs on this home provide two benefits. In the air-conditioning months, the overhang will reduce energy costs by blocking direct sunlight from sending unwanted heat into the home. Secondly, the overhangs keep the weather away from your home when it rains. The cantilevered second floor of the home provides shading for 1st floor windows.

Crawl Space:

Most builders dig a hole for a crawlspace and use drain tile as a measure for directing water away from the home. Holes in the ground with new homes above them have a tendency to have high moisture levels that can impair indoor air quality and invite other issues that can be easily avoided. This home has a raised crawl space level that prevents the development of moisture in the crawl space.